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Welcome to the Maritz Syndicated Studies website. The site provides non-subscribers with an introduction to our New Vehicle Customer Studies in the U.S. and Canada. On this page, also check out our Usage Guidelines for making data-based claims or link to, the Maritz Automotive Research blog. Upon login, subscribers have access to additional articles, reports, program documents and updates, and mTABWEB. Your login ID and password protect any client-specific information available to you and your organization from being viewed by others outside your subscriber network.

Why Subscribe

Collectively, the Maritz Syndicated New Vehicle Customer Studies comprise the largest and most comprehensive new vehicle buyer behavior research program in North America. For over 40 years, the program has delivered strategic intelligence to industry decision-makers in product planning, financing, marketing, brand management, and more, for a competitive edge. With our monthly lens on vehicle buying patterns, we offer the expertise and a premier tool for understanding and driving key metrics like conquesting, retention, and loyalty.

Usage Guidelines

Maritz established Usage Guidelines for claims to enhance the value of our U.S. Syndicated Studies to subscribers. The guidelines are geared to help our customers—often marketers or advertisers—use the study to make fair data-based claims or statements. We review prospective claims in a client-friendly process to ensure that all statements are accurate and appropriate. This approval process usually takes less than a day, as we partner with you to assist your organization’s rush to meet the typically tight press deadline.